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AK Way Stars Programs

SAS developed the AK Way Stars program to create opportunities and incentives that get Alaskan youth excited about ways to be active AK Way Stewards.  Community support partnerships provide recognition and incentive rewards to Alaskan students' environmental efforts as AK Way Stewards. 


Incentive programs work with students to reduce pollution, food waste, and litter cleanup efforts all count towards earning AK Way Stars.  Involvement programs like these will encourage youth to use actions that demonstrate the AK Way of the future to fellow Alaskans.  

SAS believes that the AK Way Stars program will increase the percentage of students participating in AK Way programs and produce active AK Way stewards that take action to improve Alaska’s environmental health. 


Listed below are programs Alaskan youth can take part in to earn AK Way Stars

AK Way Values Checks

Behaving in ways that display the AK Way Values such as following the rules, handling trash correctly, and being kind & helpful. 

Litter Patrol & Bags Counted

Spending time outdoors picking up trash helps Alaska and Alaskans alike which is why it counts towards earning AK Way Stars.

RRRing for the Last Frontier

Recycling, Reusing, Reducing & Reinventing efforts will be rewarded with AK Way Stars

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