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Dip Net Stewardship

Our Mission

Alaskan Youth Stewardship


Alaskan Youth

We believe the best way to change the future is by shaping the present through education and purposeful planning focused on problem-solving solutions. Save AK Spots creates programs that teach AK Way Values and support stewardship opportunities for Alaskan youth.


AK Way Stewardship Program

SAS's AK Way curriculum teaches waste prevention strategies, and environmental solutions that encourage peer-to-peer influencing and provides clean-up opportunities for Alaskan youth.  Teaching youth stewardship values that grow and inspire active AK Way stewards who will improve Alaska's environmental health.


AK Way Stars Program

The community-funded, AK Way Stars Program, was created to support and encourage Alaskan youth stewardship by providing incentive rewards for environmental cleanup efforts.  Rallying as a community to support AK Way youth will protect and preserve Alaska's legacy as the Great Land.


Rev AK Camp

SAS is developing a multi-day educational camp, Rev AK Camp, teaching AK Way stewardship curriculum that involves the future leaders of tomorrow in the environmental issues of today, growing AK Way stewards for the Last Frontier.


AK Way Creed

I am Alaskan and I live by a set of AK Way Values.

I respect Alaska’s environmental health & the wildlife that relies on it.

I am accountable for how my actions affect Alaska.

I am loyal to the AK Way protecting and preserving Alaska’s legacy as the Last Frontier.

I am a leader of the AK Way by demonstrating these values to others.

This is MY Alaska just as it is YOURS…

Do YOU choose the AK Way?


Whitter Fishing

AK Way Values

RESPECT- Respect for our Great State of Alaska and fellow Alaskans.


ACCOUNTABLITY- As Alaskans, our accountability for promoting positive environmental health habits whether at school, out camping, or in our homes is a task that we must all take seriously.


LOYALTY- Loyalty to the 49th State’s environmental health is by always doing the right thing for Alaska even when nobody is looking.


LEADERSHIP- Demonstrating AK Way stewardship to family and friends will lead to improvements in Alaska’s environmental health one Alaskan steward at a time.


YOU- The AK Way needs YOU to keep Alaska litter-free!

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