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SAS is facilitating AK Way programs that educate and involve the future leaders of tomorrow in the environmental issues of today encouraging Alaskan students to be active stewards of Alaska. 

AK Way Programs

AK Way Values

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For Alaska & Alaskans alike

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Of the AK Way

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For how actions affect Alaska

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To Alaska & the AK Way

All AK Way programs are based on behavior-focused core values that lead the way to responsible environmental habits in Alaskan schools to inspire ecological and social reform improvements for the Last Frontier.

AK Way Creed

I am Alaskan and I live by a set of AK Way Values.

I respect Alaska’s environmental health and the wildlife that relies on it.

I am accountable for how my actions affect Alaska.

I am loyal to the AK Way protecting and preserving Alaska’s legacy as

the Last Frontier.

I am a leader of the AK Way by demonstrating these values (to others).

This is MY Alaska just as it is YOURS…

Do YOU choose the AK Way?


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