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Save AK Spots

Save AK Spots' mission to help improve Alaska's environmental health was planted in our hearts and minds in July 2020 during salmon dip net season amid the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns.   


Travel restrictions were in full force rerouting typically out-of-state vacation plans back to AK resulting in an unusually high number of Alaskans enjoying all that AK had to offer during dip net season at Kasilof Beach.  More than 24,000 beautiful Alaskans turned out to enjoy their Last Frontier residential right to obtain dip net permits to harvest hundreds of thousands of salmon from the 49th State's rivers to feed their families and friends. 

The amount of trash from so many Alaskans enjoying the Last Frontier was enormous and the way it was handled was atrocious.  It was hard to accept the fact that some of our fellow Alaskans had neglected their responsibility to protect and preserve Alaska’s environmental health with a "Pack It In & Pack It Out" mentality.  We could not believe our eyes as dumpsters overflowed onto our beloved homeland leaving more questions than answers.  


How do we unite Alaskans for Alaska in a ways that bring true and lasting ecological change to our communities? 


How do we encourage the involvement community members of every demographic, business of all sizes, nonprofits of every kind, and connect with diverse faith-based organizations to collaborate on ways to improve Alaska’s health? 


How do we influence one another to do the right thing for the Last Frontiers' environmental health, the AK Way?


What do we need to do to improve our State's environmental health and how do we encourage active stewardship and influencing?


How do we use AK Way influence to create social behavior changes that result in environmental health improvements for the Last Frontier?


How do we cultivate an AK Way tradition that ensures a healthier AK is being passed down from one generation to another?

Save AK Spots believes there are many answers to these questions ranging from improved recycling opportunities, food collection programs, AK Way social influencing, environmental education and cleanup involvement opportunities in urban and rural schools.  Efforts like these and many others will result in the improvement of environmental and public health in Alaska.  


Love for Alaska and this experience inspired the creation of OUR joint mission based partnership between Save AK Spots and Rally AK; an apparel company that creates AK Way anti-litter merchandise.  All sales made at Rally AK donate a portion of each purchase to Save AK Spots funding environmental education programs and cleanup involvement projects for Alaskan youth.  


Save AK Spots and Rally AK have a shared passion for everything Alaska which is why the decision to embark on this AK Way mission to protect and preserve the Last Frontier was too easy to make!  We hope that you will join our anti-litter campaign movement, AK Way Revolution, and take a stand as AK Way Stewards for Alaska.

Kasilof July 2020

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