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AK Way Environmental Justice Education Programs (AWEJEP)

AWEJEP teaches environmental education to school-age kids in PreK-12 grades empowering Alaskan students with the knowledge needed to prevent the pollution of Alaska’s land, water, and air sources that are vital to the longevity of the Last Frontiers' environmental health.

AWEJEP's 3-Part Plan

Combining an expansive educational curriculum, active AK Way stewardship involvement projects, and funding resources with SAS’s 3 Part Plan will address Alaska's environmental health concerns.  The AWEJEP 3-Part Plan will bring the dynamic approach needed to spark true and lasting change within our Alaskan community at large.


1. Education & Observation

Multi-faceted educational programs that grow with students create positive peer mentorship connections that will increase youth opportunities to observe AK Way behaviors that will produce tomorrow’s environmental successes.

2. Retention & Replication

For successful AK Way program retention rates it is vital that education starts with pre-kindergarten and continues to expand replicating increased environmental improvement growth with students throughout the elementary, middle, and high school years.

3. Motivation & Innovation

SAS is motivated to find dynamic and diverse ways that improve the environmental health of Alaska for generations to come.  Empowering students with innovative educational materials, AK Way stewardship involvement opportunities, and partnerships with companies that produce revolutionary recycling machinery strengthen connections between urban and rural Alaskan communities.

AK Way Environmental Peer Mentorship Programs (AWEPMP)

 The AK Way Peer Mentorship Program (AWEPMP) is built alongside AWEJEP creating a network of AK Way student leadership within urban and rural schools across Alaska.  AWEPMP student leadership networks will create community connections, support AK Way retention rates, encourage core values, and foster peer-to-peer mentorships that result in the improvement of Alaska's environmental health with both short and long-term results.

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